Spring Artillery

Landscape Biodynamics Design, powered with ΞLIΓΞ™©PermaCulture

Inputs ( Environmental Design Integrated ) 

# Soil_System Building [Phytosanitary measurements, analysis of humus, raised beds, 
low mulch composting, irrigation system,... ]
# SeroCulture app. (GreenHouse: early vegetable crops &seeds )
#Seedbed & Crop rotation (asolamente: most care=closer to home)

Fig.1 'Basic Conditions (growing Soil: grass_layer) 
afanare pat germinativ H<35cm b=""> with pH©NPK adjustments
greblaj h~5 [cm] pt. ínsamāntare gazon ( 25g/m2 ±25g/ 10m2 adaos, cu sem.<2ani nbsp="" putere_germinativa="" span="">
+ cosire/ tãiere pt.H10[cm], ulterior completare spatii ramase libre. 

ecoSystems Design Integrated

Soil Configuration H35NPK_Faktor
[stratification_moistening(umidificare)_crop rotation(asolamente)]

Pedoameliorative Operations : soil (re)generation 
Back to basics : ground protection #white_clover
( perennial low_herb 4most Soil & tolerant_climate, with no shade )