Rebuilding Human Energy

autoRestructuring Internal_Organic processes at the Human Being Level

Coordinates Existential
numerical analysis operations and modular 
sectioning in 3Fundamental Processes. 
Each customized stage (completed) has a[0]Point Time Interval corresponding ... [ utility feedback - retrieval time inside ], wich provides and allows You initiation for the next upper stage. Can be considered an "up-date" or "refresh", can be named anyhow ; in basketball they say TimeOut and also, can be seen like Energy ReBuilding : Existential Energy Regeneration.

As Human Beings, we are differentiated by the power of Faith and existentence of a ritual_transition:

3Times Passing through spiritual Life
( 3x Life Vision profiler = Rezultanta Valorilor Umane )

1.Kama (Eros) / Personal Young Experience
2.ArthaProfessional Experience
3.Dharma (Life Spirit) / Spiritual equilibrum

Here's what, through Knowledge, invite Us to a better Life !

[3/3]PhotoGraphic TIME Management. Thank's IT*All Involved.